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Journal Articles

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Chapters in Edited Volumes

J. Steinbuks and G. Timilsina. 2014. "Land-Use Change and Food Supply" in The Impacts of Biofuels on the Economy, Environment, and Poverty: A Global Perspective, edited by G. Timilsina and D. Zilberman, Springer

J. Steinbuks. 2011. "Review of Recent Developments in Economic Modelling of Energy Demand" in The Future of Electricity Demand: Customers, Citizens and Loads, edited by T. Jamasb and M. Pollitt, Cambridge University Press.

Working Papers Under Review (Most Recent Drafts)

C. Galeazzi, J. Steinbuks, and L. Anadón. "Assessing the Impact of Renewable Energy Policies on Decarbonization in Developing Countries." World Bank Policy Research Paper 10329. Download

J. Callejas, J. Linn, and J. Steinbuks. "Welfare and Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicle Tax Policies in Developing Countries : Evidence from Colombia." World Bank Policy Research Paper 10001. Download

N. Gorgulu, G. Sharafutdinova and J. Steinbuks. "Political Dividends of Digital Participatory Governance: Evidence from Moscow Pothole Management." World Bank Policy Research Paper 9445. Download

M. Blimpo, S. McRae, and J. Steinbuks. "Why are Connection Charges so High? An Analysis of the Electricity Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa." World Bank Policy Research Paper 8407. Download

F. Perez-Sebastian, J. Steinbuks, J. Feres, and I. Trotter. Electricity Access and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Brazil's Electrification World Bank Policy Research Paper 9182.Download. Download Earlier Version

Y. Cai, J. Steinbuks, K. Judd, J. Jägermeyr, and T. Hertel. "Modeling Uncertainty in Large Natural Resource Allocation Problems." World Bank Policy Research Paper 9159. DownloadDownload Earlier Version

Permanent Working Papers

M. Hafstead, R. Williams III, A. Golub, S. Meijer, B. Narayanan, K. Nyamweya, and J. Steinbuks. "Effect of Climate Policies on Labor Markets in Developing Countries: Review of the Evidence and Directions for Future Research." World Bank Policy Research Paper 8332. Download

J. Steinbuks and T. Hertel. 2013. "Forest, Agriculture, and Biofuels in a Land use model with Environmental services (FABLE)." GTAP Working Paper No. 71. Download

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J. Steinbuks, A. Meshreky, and K. Neuhoff. 2009. "The Effect of Energy Prices on Operation and Investment in OECD Countries: Evidence from Vintage Capital Model." Cambridge Working Paper in Economics 0933. Download

G. Elliehausen, M. Staten, and J. Steinbuks. 2006. "The Effects of State Predatory Lending Laws on the Availability of Subprime Mortgage Credit." FSRP Monograph 38, George Washington University. Download

Work in Progress

H. Selod, J. Steinbuks, I. Trotter and B. Blankespoor. Infrastructure Complementarities and Local Economic Growth: Evidence from Electrification and Highway Construction in Brazil.

F. Perez-Sebastian, R. Serrano and J. Steinbuks. Spatial Complementarities in Public Infrastructure and Structural Transformation in Brazil.

Y. Cai, H. Selod, J. Steinbuks, and A. Yezer. Urbanization and Climate Change Adaptation.

A. Golub, J. Steinbuks, and M. Toman. Hedging against Uncertainties in Cost of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: The Case of US Biofuels.

J. Feres, E. Jardim, J. Steinbuks, and I. Trotter. Electricity Reliability and Firm Dynamics in Brazil.